Asayish and NDF clash in Qamishlo

Within the Rojava canton of Cizre, Asayish security forces clashed with National Defense Force soldiers. The attacks began at 11pm local time. Both sides report different causes to the fighting.

Security forces have surrounded the NDF within the town center. The prison within Qamishlo has been cleared of regime forces. 25 NDF and 4 Asayish casualties have been reported, along with 40 arrests conducted by Asayish. Fighting has continued all day but has paused for the evening. A truce lasted for three hours last night and fighting has begun again this morning. Asayish have begun evacuating civilians.

This marks the first major conflict this year within the town, with the last notable conflict in December of 2016 leaving a single Asayish injured and many arrests on both sides. The Asayish also accused the NDF later that month of detonating a bomb within the town that killed 3 and injured 11. Smaller clashes occur periodically.

Regime warplanes have been reported above the town, but no airstrikes have been conducted against the Asayish security forces.

These attacks come after the PYD renewed its willingness to fight the regimeSDF NDF Clashes

YPG fighters who joined the fight against government forces

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