Are you in favor of Kurdistan’s independence in Iraq? – Opinion Poll [2017]

Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.


  1. Kurdperwer says

    If there’s 22 Arabs states, more than 6 Turkic states, 3 Iranian states, Kurds too deserve at least one state, Kurds are the most peaceful and democratic out of all countries I mentioned, Kurdistan region suffered enough under Ottoman, British oppression following by many Iraqi regimes oppression and fascism, Kurds are not stealing lands they are regaining land, its about time for Kurds they must not accept less, all thats been said against Kurdistan statehood are not enough reasons to deny people of South Kurdistan of independence

    1. Rob says

      There are two groups in the world.

      1. An evil terror group leads by America. They crush nations like sugarcane in the mill and steal their resources rich lands.

      2. An anti terror group leads by Russia to protect the nations and their resources rich lands in the world.

      Now tell me are you with terror group or anti terror group?

    2. Rob says

      There are two groups in the world.

      1. An evil terror group leads by America. They crush nations like sugarcane in the mill and steal their resources rich lands. .

      2. An anti terror group leads by Russia to protect the nations and their resources rich lands in the world.

      Now tell me are you with terror group or anti terror group?

  2. Roja says

    There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a Kurdish state, but the YPG/SDF have made it very clear that they aren’t interested in anything buf serving the US and so a state led by them would obviously be terrible for both Kurds and Arabs.

    1. Human Rights says

      That’s the worst and most nonsense EVER I red about Kurdistan.
      If anyone have a little bit of information about Kurds and Kurdistan can figure this out that it is only Apoist movement who really fights for Kurdish people’s right and freedom. The other political parties under any name are puppets of foreign powers or worst occupiers (e.g masud barzani and jalal talebani). So I suggest you stop betraying your own nation and spreading lies about the only forces who really fight for your freedom and rights

      1. Ali says

        Very stupid comment. How can a leader live in an occupier’s capital city and be independent? Syria was/is an occupier and Apo lived there for twenty years. Apo’s pkk attacked Kurdistan’s peshmergas in the middle of the day in 1992 when the Semi self-determination was announced.

  3. Ciger issa says

    Biji Kurdistan xaka bav û kalan.
    Kurdistan yan neman.
    Kurdistan bexçê gulan.

    1. Human Rights says

      A terrorist nation like turkish nation cannot and has no right to call any other nation “terrorist” specially Kurds whom are the target of turkish terrorism. terrorist turkish state soon will be tear apart, it’s only a matter of time. I’m sure you’ll see this future but I’ve no idea why you turks fooling yourself like you are the superpower of the world!!! deal with reality and try to be human

      1. Smith says

        What is wrong with you to call Turkey a terrorist? Pkk is actually bigger and more concerning terrorist organization that kills Kurds for monetary gains that any other terror organization in the world!

        1. Jamal says

          Ye and what are the proof
          The proof that turkey is supporting Isis is that all the Isis fighting crossed the border from turkey and are get weapons from turkey

      2. Franco from Italy says

        The best thing to happen is that your prophecy come true. So that you and the kurds wake up to the crude reality of the world: to it’s economy, to it’s political divisions. No future whatsoever for a Kurdistan that would be. That is sad but it is true. And unfortunatly a roll back might not be available. Kurds are better to integrate in the society they are living in. Humanity in itself knows not differences, divisions, etnicity: we are just all MEN; and we all need to make up our minds to it.

    2. Big Daddy says

      ‘no kurdish state IN TURKEY’

      Don’t worry when once Kurdistan gets its independence its cities like Diyarbakir, Batman or Antep won’t be officially in Turkey. So no Turkey, no worries.

  4. Leonida says

    Answer is not easy because in both cases an independent kurdish state would be cause of instability. Anyway, with clear garantees, It is evident that this is probably the right historical moment to gain independence in Iraq or/and Syria. But Dyarbakir?

    1. Celal says

      Like 100m~ Turks would say ok, you can take it.

  5. Li Zheng Zhang says

    Yes, if they won’t (i) make any attempts to conquer non-Kurdish lands (ii) become a colony of yankees (iii) harbour terrorists under ‘ethnicity’ pretence.

  6. me says

    If USA creates some “Kurdistan” , then Russia should “create” = liberate Novorossiya

  7. Sayokhan says

    the western want to creat a terroriste states like to Israël.
    18 millions kurds in the turkey, and they live well. do not confuse pkk / pyd / ypg terrorists with Kurds

      1. Smith says

        Ohh, that figures! Look at the source!

  8. Liwa al-Quds says

    An independent Kurdistan will basically function as a 2nd Zionist state in the Middle East. Have we not learned anything from the first Nakba? We must not repeat that mistake!

    1. Muslim Kurd says

      Our Muslim (!) brothers were the who killed Kurds.

  9. Human Rights says

    In my opinion, if Kurdish people want to establish an independent Kurdistan no one can stop them. but the question here is what is the conspiracy behind the independent referendum of South Kurdistan (iraqi Kurdistan)!!!

    1st of all, it is not a national referendum but a plan of terrorist turkey and iran states who will be executed by traitor masud barzani to use it as a tool against the uprising of other parts of Kurdistan specially Apoist movement
    2nd of all, it makes the situation of Kurdish people in South Kurdistan worst than before

    it is a failed project and I hope Kurds be that much aware that say NO to this plan of their enemies.

    Independent Kurdistan is an obvious right of Kurdish nation but this referendum in south Kurdistan is to bury this dream of Kurds forEVER

    1. Cûndûllah el-Kurdî says

      Your guess can be true but if no wins in kirkuk or anywhere it will be worser than yes.

    2. Smith says

      You sure write like “terrorist Rights people ” not human rights!! Turkey and it Iran in that manner are not terrorist nations. You only making your self sound like an idiot.

  10. ThatOneGuy73 says

    I do believe that Kurdistan should have its own state but they need to stop terrorizing areas such as Turkey.They should have a more peaceful way of showing that they deserve a state.The Kurd’s have been mistreated since the Ottoman Empire and I think that everyone should at least be open minded about the issue of Kurdish Independence.

    1. Smith says

      Ottomans lived in peace for all people for 623 years, since the Ottomans all MidleEast been in turmoil.

  11. cano amedi says

    Weke hemû netewan mafè gelê Kurd heye di der. heqê dahatûya xwe de biryar bide. Biryara referandûma serxwebûna Kurdistanê. biryarek di cîh de ye. ERÊ ERÊ ERÊ. BELÊ BELÊ BELÊ. YES YES YES. BÍJÎ SERXWEBÛNA KURDÍSTANÊ!

  12. X/S/Magna says

    What of the Assyrians and Yazidis along with Turkmen? Why must they accept Kurdish rule over us? If they get an independent state, Why shouldn’t they?

    1. Smith says

      You tell em brother

    2. Amier says

      I am a yezidi my self and turst me, after 70+ genocides done by islamist arabs we need to be under the kurdistan government which will care for us just like in sheikhan and sharya where yezidi kurds number the majority in these cities mentioned . The yezidi’s get treated very well by the kurdish government there and all yezidis are pro kurdistani in those places. My mother is from shengal, my father from sheikhan, my sister in law is from sharya and pro barzani. Yezidis need to live in a stable, and prosperous region after 1500 years of perseceution by mongoloid turks and arab sand bedouines.

  13. sami says

    Unfortunately any kind of state in kurd poputaled area will not be a kurd state. It will actually be a US proxy state.

  14. ahmet says

    biji kurdistana serxwebun u azad.longliwe free and independence kurdistan.

  15. razor says

    I am against an indépendant Kurdistan because it’s the will to zionist et us deep state and government.It’s the same thing that 1947 with zionist state.
    Kurdish are puppet of us policy.A création of Kurdistan are the interest of zionist who want the control of oil and pipeline of Irak and obsiously also install bases in the territory of Irak for future operation against Iran,Turkey and Syria.
    No,no,triple no at Kurdistan made in usa.

    1. A pie maker says

      Like Syrian is a russian proxy?
      Despite that they both have a right to be an independant, self-governing country.
      And just because Israel supports something doesn’t make it bad

  16. SDF says

    Kurds have been waiting a long time to get their own country. IRAQ WAS A MISTAKE made by the colonial powers right after the Treaty of Versailles. We have a chance to fix this.

  17. SDF says

    That’s the PKK. They’re communist. The Peshmerga are good.

  18. Franco from Italy says

    No way to develop their economy. It would be an inland state, circled by very hostile states. No way to sell their oil, to send or to receive anything from outside, not even international support. They would have to rely on a subsistence economy, next to starvation. There will be eternal war in the region. And that is exactely what the USA want.

    1. Just take it says

      No you are wrong, the guy from Italy! this is just a small part of actual Kurdistan, our actual land has both access to mediterranean sea and Persian gulf, but we have to free them step by step, which is what we are actually doing now!

      1. asdfg says

        They will be able to sell their oil by plane
        Not to mention they can diversify other parts of their economy

  19. Haider Salman says

    This is not their real map. their real map according to UN decisionsis much less than this but the put their hands over lands taking the privilege of ISIS presence.

  20. Vuong says

    Let Kurdistan have their own country. Vote for independent of Kurdistan in both Iraq and Siry
    in Siry, I also like if SDF can capture the land in the east of Euphrates River to Iraq border, the oil- rich land

    1. me says

      Its called Syrian democratic forces! and they are going to control entire Syria! oh yea! Kurdish days are coming back to middle east, The lands are going back under rule of their rightful owners, The Kurds! bas biji Kurd u biji serok APO!

  21. hilario muylaert says

    Essa proposta vem, atualmente, dos impérios assassinos dos US e Israel. Por isso não apoio.
    A estratégia estadunidense e sionista é a criação de “uma espécie de linha auxiliar do estado terrorista de Israel”.

  22. November says

    Kurd state in iraq, soon war is coming to kurds

    1. Just take it says

      let it come then! we are waiting for that, what Iraqi army is capable to do with us?
      They did every thing they could in the past when they had the 5th biggest army on the planet! (saddam time) and we had only ak47s!
      But now we got hot weapons from the west, and Iraq has some coward soldiers who only know who to properly “run” when someone attacks them!
      Kurds are born to fight civil wars, we are doing civil wars for 90 years, and became fucking masters in it!
      we actually welcome Iraqi fight, it would be fun to invade baghdad and basra and reach the Persian gulf, and rename it Kurdish gulf 😉

      1. dsfg says

        Dude that’s messes up
        I support a free kurdistan but not by destroying your neighbours, but by working with them

  23. K says

    Bad idea

  24. Tarik says

    This referandum will lead iraq into a second civil war before the first one even finished

  25. Arno Shoujounian says

    As an Armenian, I feel the sufferings of the Kurds, and many Armenians understand what is happening with the Kurds right now, as we did pass through the same paths; Kurds and Armenians were supposed to have their own historical territories under their control after the fall of the Ottoman empire and the Armenian Genocide. That is why I, and many Armenians, support the independence of Kurdistan, as they are now applying the very right they were supposed to get from the promised Treaty of Sèvres of 1920. If borders were drawn correctly at that time, we wouldn’t had to talk about this right now. Kurds are applying their right with arms and fire now, and it is absolutely in their noble right, as Turks only understand the language of the sword and nothing else. Who rejected the Treaty of Sèvres? Kemal Attaturk’s Turkey, that fascist; who continued the remaining ”purification” of Anatolia from its Christian inhabitants, eradicating the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian peoples from today’s Turkish republic. Turkey now wished to eliminate the Kurds like it did against Armenians, but it cannot, because Kurds are 15 million there, and have replaced the Armenian population on historical Armenian lands. Kurds now apologize for their actions against the Armenians during the Armenian Genocide, because they understood that they were used by the Turks to do the dirty job against the Armenians; Kurds understood it after feeling the same oppression, repression and massacres, we Armenians felt on our back, many times in Turkey through the 20th century. So, yes for an independent Kurdistan, and may Justice prevail for Armenians and Kurds!

  26. Just take it says

    WE ARE THE KURDS>>> The last sons of Medes, w’re gonna rise again. The west do not want Kurds to unite again, they divided our heartland in 4 countries, but no more … this time is different. The entire middle east shall come back under Kurdish rule, this lands all belongs with our ancestors, the Medes , We will reclaim all of it again and fucking behead and slaughter every thing and everyone who stand against us, We will fucking send back all qundar Turks to Mongolia to be fucked by china on daily basis!
    The middle east is ours, and we are reclaiming it again, Beji serok APO !

  27. Sadece Türk says

    Bağımsız bir Kürt devleti hayal. Kürtler için daha acı bir gerçek şu ki büyük Kürdistan çok daha hayal. Kürtler yüzlerce yıllık bölünme ile 4 ülkeye dağılmış dilleri, fikirleri, alfabeleri, hayalleri vs herşeyleri ile ayrılmıştır. Bkz. Sorani, Kurmaci, Zazaki vs. Kürtler için en iyi seçenek yaşadıkları ile ülke ile bütünleşmektir. Iddia ediyorum o zaman sizleri daha iyi bir gelecek bekleyecek.

  28. Özgürlük says

    bağımsız bir kürt devleti hayalden öteye geçmeyecektir , ortadoğuda daha fazla emperyalist istemiyoruz barzaninin kukla ve sömürgeci rejiminin sözde bağımsızlığı kabul edilemezdir , kurulacak olan bir devlet asla ve asla bağımsız olmayacak bir emir kulu vazifesi görecektir , ayrıca yine kurulacak bir devlet daha fazla savaş çatışma ayrılık getirilecektir , bölgedeki kürtler ve yaşadıkları ülkeler için en iyi seçenek bütünlük oluşturmaktır kürtler bölünürse ortadoğu kan gölüne döner

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