Netanyahu: Israel will attack Syria if necessary


JERUSALEM, Israel (September 14, 2017) – Israel has sent a clear message: Israel will not hesitate to attack Syrian government again if the forces of Syrian Arab Army cross two red lines.

In a speech at a Jewish New Year event attended by numerous high-ranking American officials, the Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer said: “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has clearly defined Israel’s red lines in Syria and Israel has made great efforts to create these red lines. These two red lines include:

1) Transfer of weapons from Syria to its ally Hezbollah

2) Creation of Iranian positions in Syria

In the past, Israel had carried out several attacks against Syrian convoys of arms on their way to Hezbollah. The Syrian government had threatened Israel with serious consequences but these threats were never put into practice.

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  1. Piotre says

    Whether you support them or hate them, when they define an ultimatum, they deliver on their promise of attack. The jewish state will not allow itself to be harrassed without vengeance.

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