Recent recruitment campaign by rebels dubbed “Infir campaign”

On the 20. April 2016, influential and important syrian jihadi cleric Sheikh Abdallah Muhammad al Muhaysini linked to Syria’s Al-Qaeda branch, the Al-Nusra Front, together with dozens of other political and religious figures launched a recruitment campaign in order to add around 5000 new jihadists to the rebel group’s ranks. Large gatherings were held around rebel controlled territory, especially in refugee camps.

The goal to the campaign, according to Sheikh Muhaysini, is to attract around 5000 new mujahideen, teaching them the Sharia and arming the best ones to send them to battle. A coming-together of various armed and religious groups around all opposition controlled territory has made this possible: new recruits are sent to a central command who then decides which group they join. It appears as though atleast a 200 officials from various groups are participating.

A promotional video released on youtube shows a speech delivered by Muhaysini in front of a few hundred people, insulting Iran, Russia and Assad and the government. The sheikh praises to spill their enemies blood and then encourages the 15 to 30 year aged people in the camp to register at the booths in order to become a mujahideen.

It is unclear which groups will benefit the most from this and how many new fighters the rebels will be able to recruit, however it does seem likely that new recruits should number atleast in the low thousands and that groups like Nusra will receive most and especially the most promising recruits.

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