Which foreign power(s) do you support in Syria? – Opinion Poll [2017]

We are regularly doing polls to visualize the opinion of our users regarding topics of the Syrian Civil War or Iraqi War. Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.


  1. Black Raleigh says

    It looks like Turkish trolls invaded the opinion poll which is not suprising as Erdogans troll centre always shows up in any foreign source… I have been following this site for a long time and there was no sign of massive Turkish trolls same as Liveuamap where Turks are 7/24 commenting.

    1. Omar Almalouhi says

      how many time are you going to write that comment?
      still better than kurd trolls thinking the entire war revolves around them

    2. kürtziter says

      zttir lan

  2. Amado Dominguez says

    fully of dumb turks

    1. Omar Al Khimar says

      Dumb Spick

    2. amadoziker says

      anana selam söyle amınado domates

    3. Türk says

      Why would you say something like that dummy

  3. Kurd says

    Supporting Turkey is madness!

  4. Montenegrin 🇲🇪 says

    Admin, I think you should include the “percentages” back in the war statistics, they are a lot more helpful than kilometer squared

  5. Lion says

    This is absurd. On the other pool, SDF gains more vote. While the force support the SDF is only USA and its allies. Russia and turks keep bombing SDF positions. Seems like many peoples are ignorant to this war details.

    1. levent1071 says

      there are 10000 votes on other pool and only 6000 here also ıran ıs a foreıng power so ıt would be added to

      1. Mobin says

        yeah i try voting for them but because there is no Iran here , so i try voting Russia
        Long Live Syria Long Live Bashar Al Assad

    2. hes says

      Kurds are puppets of IsraHell. Fucking traitors.

  6. Gábor Höltermann says

    Stop using the term “Syrian civil war”! It is a patriotic war of the Syrian Arab Republic against the Wahhabi terrorism and its supporters.

  7. someone says

    why there is no iran!?

  8. Alex Biesse says


    1. Türk says

      Let’s face it! Only Turkey has a bone this fight, all ells will leave and Turkey has to continue dealing with the mass we usually make over there.

  9. Anonymous says

    Because it’s Iran + Russia. So you can just vote for Russia. It’ll count as them both.

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