Which war faction(s) do you support? – Opinion Poll [2017]

We are regularly doing polls to visualize the opinion of our users regarding topics of the Syrian Civil War or Iraqi War. Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.


  1. 24apple says

    Turkey should be included

      1. pensomadasziker says

        ananı kaybetsek senin nasıl olur? böylece senin gibi piçleri doğuramaz

    1. Omar Almalouhi says

      they support FSA so they are on the same side

  2. Black Raleigh says

    It looks like Turkish trolls invaded the opinion poll… I have been following this sire for a long time and there was no sign of massive Turkish trolls same as Liveuamap where Turks are 7/24 commenting.

    1. cant help it says

      nice art work bro!
      Qundar turks are all gay! biji serok APO 🙂

    2. mehmetcaglar says

      Little time remaining for your funerals !!!


    I support Government and SDF/YPG….Daesh and Rebels are the same thing. They want take the Syrian Nation with their salafist/wahabist allies to the medioeval era.I hope in Assad strong return with Rojawa autonomist….

  4. hestroy says

    Fucking wahhabi retards. FSA = gang of goat fuckers and SDF is a bunch of traitors.

  5. سوري مفكر says

    Syria , we(the SAA) will win

    1. bob alka says

      يلعنك كاب و يلعن الفكرات تبعك يا ابن قهبة

      1. سوري مفكر says

        كول خرا ايري بمنطحك

        1. bob alka says

          كس امك ابن منيوكة ويلعن شرفك يا اخو شريكة

  6. Syrian citizen says

    Actually the vast majority of Syrian people are with the government and the Syrian Arab Army and this is a fact.
    I don’t understand why in this poll the government only takes the 3th place!!
    We the Syrian people support our government, army and our beloved president.

  7. hilario muylaert says

    FORA US !
    Fora ISRAEL !!

  8. npc69 says

    long live the syrian people.long live the president

  9. L says

    SDF in North and Assad in South.
    Don’t agree with SDF in South and Assad in Kurdish Lands.

  10. Shone says

    Long live free Syria and Assad. Long live Russia. All traitors and US paid scumbags should be killed. Beautiful country of Syria will rise again.

  11. Freedom Fighter says

    Long live the resistance!!!

    1. Freedom Fighter says

      We must end the Dictatorship!!!

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