Which war faction(s) do you support? – Opinion Poll [2016]

We are regularly doing polls to visualize the opinion of our users regarding topics of the Syrian Civil War or Iraqi War. Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.


  1. Yousef says

    LOL, who voted for ISIS?!? XD

    1. AverageCapitalist says

      Most likely trolls

    2. Inferno Gaming says

      me, do you have something against me

    3. Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk says

      russian trolls

    4. cdn_ch_121 says


  2. Starfish says

    I am still undecided when it comes to the SAA vs. FSA debate, but I support the SDF because they have been effective in fighting ISIS and because they are one of the most inclusive and fair-in-rule groups.

    1. Liberator150! says

      The thing with the FSA is that the FSA is like that kid from highschool.

      Alone it is a nice guy. But when his friends show up, he turns into a asshole. You can see on http://militarymaps.info/ that the FSA is a small group.

      The whole green rebel area isnt FSA. When FSA is Surrounded by those other Islamic Terrorist groups, he doesnt fight aginst them but joins them. When FSA is alone, you can make deals with them. Such as the recent cease fire. Or how they along with the SAA targeted ISIS fighters near Ab-Dumayr.

      1. Make war not peace says

        They really don’t have the resources to fight isis AND the assad regime. So they make deals with them when they can.

        1. ayoeb khan says

          Not with ISIS You can’t negotiate peace with ISIS or even a Ceasefire
          Al-qaeda tried it many times and the same response from them Being called an infidel or apostate

    2. Omar Almalouhi says

      thats because thats the only enemy they CAN fight while on the other hand the FSA has to fight 3 other faction ISIS,FASSAD and SDF

    3. Omar Almalouhi says

      also have you even considered what would be the proper leader of the syrians or have you just thought “yea they fight isis so thats good” you do know they arent the only problem

  3. Comrade says

    SDF the only group in Syria that has not committed war crimes also the best fighters under the banners of democracy and secularism

    1. LR captain says

      but the kurds are charged with ethical cleansing or forcing out non – kurdish civilians in order to try an show that they make up a majority . so they can gain more autonomy. the point that turkey makes is that many PKK members fled to Syria to what the west states (protect kurds) but what they are really doing is trying to start their own state. the deal that Assad is giving the kurds is a very good one. their own sub government that collect taxes, make and enforce laws as well as manage their own economy. all this on thier own small section that is still considered Syrian territory. so PKK will be able to move back and fourth from Syria to Turkey. with no restrictions. but of the turks want hunt down a PKK member involved a shooting. they will have to ask the Syrian government permission, then get kurdish permission. Now not all kurds will shoot civilians. but i am sure that it will a lot harder for the turks to extradite that PKK member. the sad thing is if the turks move with force the SAA will drawn into the fight.

      now what the turks could do is give the kurds their own small area to form their own country from turkey’s land. they would not really be loosing much. this would allow the kurds to have state of their own. now i can be sure that a lot of kurds who joined the PKK to get independence will then lay down their arms and move to the new area. this would cause the PKK numbers to shrink and a higher percent would be radicals thus the world wound count as terrorists. this also means that the kurds in Syria would not be fighting for a kurdish zone but for witch side they supported.

      if turkey does not want a kurdish state then make it and wait for it to collapse on its own or be accused of being a parasite its neighbors.

      1. John Kennedy says

        Well written The issue i think is the civilians of Turkey whom are insanely national. The moment you decide to do something, all hell will break lose. I lived in Istanbul for 2 months. Istanbul really didn’t look like the city of a Muslim country, just wanted to mention this. 1 thing i noticed from the moment i set my foot on Istanbul, was that civilians of Turkey would never, ever, ever ever ever let such a thing happen. Even the ones supporting Erdogan blantly told me that “If such a thing happens, we will take him down without a second thinking”.

    2. ayoeb khan says

      a bunch of fucking communists and they get along very well with Israel
      That sais enough

  4. BadinageBoy says

    This is probably the wrong place to ask this question, but on the map proper, could you color international backers with a paler version of the faction’s color? (That would require switching the color of the Iraqi government forces — is magenta taken?)

  5. AverageCapitalist says

    I’m not a fan of any of the factions’ politics. However, out of all the factions I’d say my favourites are the SDF.

  6. Max B. says

    I’m mainly supporting the government so this war can end ASAP and we can end this war and have the refugees go back.

  7. existinghuman says

    I’m a Syrian citizen from Shiite countryside city of Nubul northwestern Aleppo. I’m neutral because in my opinion all of the other groups fighting in Syria are violating human rights, some of them more than the others. At the early months of the events it was better, we could see peaceful demonstrations in many points all around the country, I was really happy with that peaceful activities, but later I think all of us were disappointed from developing to an armed activities. I think all of us have the responsibility to help to stop this vast massacre, and move into a real Syria for all Syrians from every singly ethnicity, moving to a real democratic Syria, because less than that is so so so little after all of these bloods shed on every point of the ground of Syria. Hope a better tomorrow for my injured country.

  8. Amado Dominguez says

    Do the next cuestion: “Who did you belive is/was supporting ISIL/Daesh/Al-Nusra Front?:

    All them
    No one

  9. deadman says

    i think it would be great if SDFcould get in federation with government to end this war asap

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