Syrian Army preparing for Qaryatayn battle – Map Update

According to our sources some parts of the Syrian Arab Army have been redeployed to the outskirts of Al-Qaryatayn after their successful liberation of the famous city of Palmyra yesterday evening.

Also volunteers from the NDF (Nation Defense Forces) joined the forces which have almost surrounded Al-Qaryatayn some days ago. The city is attacked by artillery units and heavy airstrikes are hitting ISIS positions within the city.

While all surrounding ,strategic hills are already captured by the SAA, they left a important line of retreat for the IS. A full withdrawal by ISIS would prevent many civilian casualties, but it is not likely to happen. As we know, ISIS are very often fighting fanatically to death.
With the huge amount of soldiers arriving at the Al-Qaryatayn battlefront, the probability of a major government offensive increased. We will see whether they will be able to take the city as “quickly” as Palmyra.

You can look at the current situation around Al-Qaryatayn at our Live Map of Syrian Civil War.

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