20+ Turkish airstrikes against US-backed Kurdish Faction in Syria and Iraq

In Syria, several fighters were reported killed in strikes on The People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Kurdish force allied with the US that Ankara considers as an extension of the PKK. The YPG said the strikes hit a media center.

According our information turkish airstrikes also hit postions of Yezidi fighters in Sinjar, who survived the genocide by ISIS.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long said that the Sinjar region, some 115 km (71 miles) from the Turkish border, is becoming a hotbed for PKK militants, and that Ankara would take measures to stop the group expanding its activities there.

Although Turkey regularly carries out air strikes against what it says are PKK targets in northern Iraq, this was the first time it has struck the Sinjar region, which is inhabited by Yezidi people.


Aftermath of Turkish Airstrikes
Aftermath of Turkish Airstrikes

At the same time YPG forces captured more territory from ISIS near Raqqa and surrounded the city of Tabqah.


Situation in Tabqa
Situation in Tabqah
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