Breaking: U.S. Air force attacks pro-government forces for the second time in a week

June 8, 2017 – The US-led coalition has once again attacked Syrian militia forces near the At-Tanf training base where also US special forces are located. An attack on Tuesday was condemned by Moscow and Damascus. Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov condemned the attack by the US coalition on ruling troops in Syria as an act of aggression which could not be justified. He described the “Deconfliction Zone“ near At- Tanf as illegitimate.

Statement of OIR Spokesman

„Today was the third set of kinetic strikes the U.S. conducted in response to threats posed to Coalition forces operating out of At Tanf.“

„U.S. conducted strikes against two technical vehicles that we were assessed to be posing a threat to Coalition forces at At-Tanf garrison.“

Syrian Civil War

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