The Future of Kurdistan? President Masoud Barzani of Kurdistan Steps Down

ERBIL GOVERNORATE, Iraq (October 29, 2017) – After the Kurdistan Region suffers heavy drawbacks in terms of landmass and widespread discontentment with the political tier of policy, Masoud Barzani was prompted to step down.

“I refuse to continue the position of president of the Kurdistan Region after the 1st of November, 2017”, Barzani writes to Kurdistan Parliament. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has lost many of the areas considered disputed to the Iraqi State, including the controversial Kirkuk City.


With the Iraqi Federal Police, PMU, and allies continuing advances across the Kurdistan Region, changes are necessary on the political level.

Kurdistan offered to freeze the referendum results in order to open dialogue with the Iraqi State regarding possible independence and compromises. Prime Minister of Iraqi, Haider Abadi, however, disregarded such, claiming that if dialogue opens under a frozen referendum result then the Iraqi State would recognize it, which is not his goal.

“Moreover, I, as Masoud Barzani the Peshmerga, will continue with our nation and beloved Peshmerga in endeavors to achieve the just rights of our nation and protect the achievements of our nation.” The Barzani’s are one of the most powerful Kurdish families in Iraq; they have controlled much of Iraqi Kurdistan since the 1990s. The resignation of Barzani may be the beginning of the decline of the family’s renowned power.

The future of Kurdistan is unclear. The resignation of Barzani may be better, or worse, for Kurdistan’s future.


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  1. Matt Dan says

    The future of Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq is finished. They made enemies with the their governments. They have no resources. They made enemies with Turkey and Iran the main power brokers in the area. USA and Russia are not reliable at all. They made enemies with the Arabs and every minority in Syria and Iraq. They are not the real people of that land. No financial donors and Kurdistan is deep in debt. The Kurds are considered weak and cowardly fighters whether it is culture or religion or genetics, they simply are not fighters. They are landlocked and no navy or Airforce. They also hate one another as they differ in culture, accent, origin, genes. I suggest they go back to Persia to where they came from.

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