Heavy losses as IS flees Fallujah

With the liberation of Fallujah and the capture of the last IS strongholds, many IS fighters tried to flee the city. As they tried to flee they were targeted by Iraqi and Coalition airforce. In total about 750 IS fighters died, as well as 170 vehicles were destroyed. Fox News confirmed that a single convoy with 250 IS fighters was destroyed. At first this may sound like an outrageous claim, but if we look at the videos and pictures it seems believable. The pictures of burned out cars on the road are reminding of the “Highway of Death” during the First Gulf War.

The loss will surely hamper IS operations in Anbar province. Not only is it by itself a large amount of manpower, but the convoy carried battle-experienced troops that fought in Fallujah. Though it stands to reason that this won’t be the last strike IS will endure. While they are extremely pressured in Anbar province (ISF) and around Manbij (SDF), they pushed government forces out of Raqqa and the New Syrian Army back into the desert. For now, Mosul is still standing strong and not under any threat of a siege of assault.


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