ISIS in trouble in City of Deir Ez-Zor

Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a big offensive south of Deir Ezzor that lead to government forces capturing Tharbeh mountain and several other points on a vital former ISIS-held road to Deir Ezzor. Now, troops of the SAA are ready to overlook the Thayyem oil fields that represent one among ISIS’ most vital sources of financial gain in Syrian Arab Republic.

Whereas government-held territories in Deir Ezzor are factual sourrounded by ISIS, today’s advance represents a symbol of hope for entrenched SAA troops within the town. Also, with Tiger Forces on the brink of capturing palmyra to the west, it’s not unlikely that the Syrian Government are going to be able to break the besieging within a couple of months. In many ways, the resistance offered by the syrian Arab Army’s 104th Brigade of the Republican Guard – also with the 137th Brigade of the seventeenth Reserve Division and also the National Defense Forces – has prevented ISIS from getting into the extremely populated western areas of Syria.

However, both the Syrian Government and also theso-called Islamic State have lost many soldiers/fighters over the past year in the battle to gain control over the city.

You can see the advances on our Syrian Civil War Live Map too!

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