Battle for Palmyra enters last stage

Ten months ago, the so-called Islamic State remarkably took over the ancient town of palmyra from the Syrian Government throughout a blitz offensive. Afterwards government troops got executed by child soldiers. In addition, ISIS soldiers were able to push the syrian government troops ten kilometers  out of the city to the west. Luckily for the Syrian Government, the SAA was able to establish a stable defensive position on the outskirts of Palmyra at the M3 Highway that runs across the Syrian Arab Republic.

Once ISIS’ offensive was halted, the so-called Islamic State was fast to establish itself within the town and implement the sharia law upon the local population. ISIS also deployed mines and IEDs around the ancient parts of the city in the west to defend themselfes from a government counter-offensive.

Around two weeks ago, the Syrian Command has deployed all kinds of elite soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army to Palmyra to defeat ISIS once and for all.
Additional Information: the syrian Tiger Forces are an elite unit, that is specialized solely in offensives. They have strengthened the SAA’s eighteenth Tank Division, Desert Hawks Brigade (an elite branch, specialised in desert warfare) and also the National Defense Forces. Also many foreign fighters (Hezbollah and other troops) are on the Palmyra front to support the offensive.

The SAA managed to capture some strategic points around the city, but are yet not able the storm Palmyra (mainly because of the explosives around that area). But the government troops are pushing more and more, and are in cheerful spirits to capture the city fully.
Palmyra holds plenty of strategic significance: through numerous Highways, the city connects Damascus, Homs and Deir Ez-Zor.
As Deir Ez-Zor is besieged by ISIS, the offensive in Palmyra is big hope to lift that siege and free more then 100000 civilians.

Here you can see some combat footage of the battle for Palmyra:

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