Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton planned to overthrow Assad to strengthen Israel

Wikileaks has recently exposed many emails of Hillary Clinton. There are leaked mails that could get Clinton’s presidential candidacy into danger. One of the emails that U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent to an unknown account on 11/30/2015, describes how Israel could strengthen itself by overthrowing the “regime” of Bashar Al-Assad. By overthrowing Assad, Iran would lose tremendously much power in that region.
Clinton outlines within the 1st paragraph of her email, a way to directly handle the growing threat of Iran’s nuclear program:

Hillary Clinton revealed her devious nature consistently when it comes to any threat Israel might face in middle east.

As one of the main politician demanding the removal of Bashar Al-Assad by force, she illustrates again her willingness to sacrifice the stability of a state to reach objectives in that region. We will see how the american voters will decide in the elections after that leaks.

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