Islamic State Fights For its Existence In Final Standoff

DEIR EZ-ZOR GOVERNORATE (JANUARY 26, 2019) – As Syrian Democratic Forces continue their slow comeback and advance against Islamic State fighters, the militant group now faces critical quarantine.

After continuous depletion of Islamic State resources in its swift last-attempt advance last December, IS reached a climactic end to its military fighters, resources, and environmental condition which allowed for the counterattack by SDF to quickly grab Hajin and nearby towns in the pocket.

With the assistance of US-led coalition airstrikes in the SDF advance along the Euphrates bin, the Syrian Democratic Forces fully captured Baghuz Fawqani and Al-Shajlah from the Islamic State. This ultimately leaves the Islamic State reserved to a single village of Al Marashidah.

The Islamic State only controls a single village now (9 km²)

Among the recent string of defeats to the Islamic State includes the influx of refugees fleeing once occupied areas, with a higher concentration of male children and men. It is likely that Islamic State fighters have blend themselves into the crowds in order to escape the upcoming battle of likely defeat. These fighters often resort to later insurgencies and sleeper cells within territories not occupied by their militia. Many foreign fighters have also forfeited to the SDF after facing these new circumstances.

The upcoming battle may be time, energy, and resource consuming as IS puts its last fight to stay alive as a territorial figure in Syria.

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  1. peter says

    i think the most important consolidation of the encirclement defense line prevents any IS personnel from escaping. Because there is an old saying in China called “place sb. in a hopeless spot and he will fight to live “

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