SDF Clashes With Islamic State To Gain a Foothold In Hajin

DEIR EZ-ZOR GOVERNORATE (DECEMBER 7, 2018) – Following a series of consistent drawbacks by SDF as Islamic State (IS) advances, SDF retaliates and recaptures significant portions in the Hajin pocket.

The Hajin pocket underwent significant changes over the past 72 hours as the SDF managed to break through several lines of fortified IS defense. The assault started with over 100 airstrikes carried out by the US-Led global coalition on the city.

The airstrikes led to the destruction of the Hajin hospital, without the SDF actually regaining control of the vital complex.

While the SDF was able to capture portions in the Hajin pocket, IS was able to push the SDF back to Sunbul hill and regained several areas in the countryside of Hajin, reversing momentum of the offensive early. Damage and casualties have been sustained on both sides.

SDF clashes are taking place approximately 250 meters west of Hajin Hospital

Reports that the SDF retook the Hajin hospital are false. But, as IS resources seem to deplete, capture of the hospital and the eventual capture of the city are imminent.

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