What is going to happen in Idlib in the near future? – Opinion Poll [2018]

Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.


  1. Renat says

    The Syrian Arab army will capture those lands and after some years they will exchange those lands with raqqa and other Arabic cities where has rich petrol sources and been governed by kurdish force. So, the Kurdish region will have shore in the Mediterranean Sea. Both will win with this agreement. Kurds will have border in the sea and Syria will have petrol sources. Kurds will also be a barrier between Turkey and Arabic countries. So, Syria will be more secure country than ever. It is my point of view.

  2. Muhammed Yassine says

    It’s still unclear.
    1-fears from Demilitarized zone-Idlib deal collapse are still exist (voices from opposition militias call for return to fight).
    2-Turkey just started deporting any recent refugees who cross Syrian-Turkish border back to Idlib i.e. Turkey wants No more refugees as target 1 from Idlib deal.
    3- Turkey may increase support for Opposition Militas to enforce its position in the province & in drawing Post-War Syria’s deal (if Idlib deal succeeds).
    4- Damascus sees Russian participation in applying Idlib deal is a guaranty for Syrian unity.
    5- Russia will continue de escalating Idlib & keep approach to Turks.

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