What is going to happen in Idlib in the near future? – Opinion Poll [2018]

Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.

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  1. Muhammed Yassine says

    It’s still unclear.
    1-fears from Demilitarized zone-Idlib deal collapse are still exist (voices from opposition militias call for return to fight).
    2-Turkey just started deporting any recent refugees who cross Syrian-Turkish border back to Idlib i.e. Turkey wants No more refugees as target 1 from Idlib deal.
    3- Turkey may increase support for Opposition Militas to enforce its position in the province & in drawing Post-War Syria’s deal (if Idlib deal succeeds).
    4- Damascus sees Russian participation in applying Idlib deal is a guaranty for Syrian unity.
    5- Russia will continue de escalating Idlib & keep approach to Turks.

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