03. April 2016 – 10. April 2016 [Syria Map Changes]

03. April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • Al Qaryatayn is fully captured by the SAA
  • SAA recaptured Jabal Nahashba hill in Latakia
  • SDF / YPG captured Juweif Oil Station
  • South Front recaptured Jalaleen from ISIS

04. April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • SouthFront recaptured Tasil and Adwan: Liwa Shuhada Al Yarmuk reportedly withdrew from both cities
  • Abu Hanaya captured by SAA
  • Rebels captured Tall al-Ahmar from ISIS with help of turkish artillery fire

05. April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • Rebels captured Tall Sufayr from ISIS: North Aleppo

Huge ISIS offensive in East Qalamoun – Damascus:

  • ISIS advancing towards Dumayr airbase
  • ISIS captured battalion 559 from rebels
  • ISIS surrounded Al-Seen airbase

06.April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • SAA has regained control over Al-Eis town and hill – South Aleppo
  • Adwan village recaptured by Muthana from ISIS

07. April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • South Front and other rebels captured Saham al-Jawlan from Liwa Shuhada al-Yarmouk
  • Rebels captured Al-Rai and bordercrossing from IS with turkish artillery support – North Aleppo
  • Al-Ra’i and Tall Ar captured by rebels

09. April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • FSA takes control of Al-Kalidiyah

10. April 2016 – Syrian Civil War:

  • Rebels lost 7 villages after ISIS offensive


Weekly Syria Map Changes. This post will be updated every day with the recent gains and losses of the war factions in the Syrian Civil War from 03.04.2016 till 10.04.2016

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