Syrian Arab Army fully captures al-Qaryatayn [Map Update]

The Syrian Arab Army officially captured the strategic city of al-Qaryatayn from the “Islamic State”. The 43rd and brigades conquered the city after very violent clashes with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Syrian Arab Army has been storming the city of al-Qaryatayn for the past forty eight hours with support of russian airstrikes.

Syrian officers report that right now 90 percent of Al-Qaryatayn is under government control but there are still some neighbourhoods where ISIS militants are hiding. Other ISIS fighters are fleeing in cars in South East direction.

Al-Qaryatayn was captured by the Islamic State throughout their large offensive in East Syria in August 2015.

With the liberation of al-Qaryatayn, the government forces can focus to the highway between Palmyra and the city Deir EzZor which is currently besieged by ISIS. We will keep you updated on our interactive map:

Syria Map

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