Daraa: report on recent fighting between LSY, FSA

Jaish al-Islam defensive positions at Sahem al-Golan dam.

As of 1900 hours Damascus time, fighting between ISIS affiliated group Liwa Shuhada al-Yarmouk (LSY) and FSA elements continued in Daraa Governorate. After LSY captured the village of Ayn Dhakar and recaptured the Sahem al-Golan dam in the past few days, FSA units attempted to retake both, with no success so far.

Despite being isolated from the main body of the Islamic State, which is centered in the northeastern part of Syria, Liwa Shuhada al-Yarmouk pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in late 2014, which caused it to enter into conflict with other rebel groups in the area. A tense period of quiet followed early clashes before fierce fighting reignited this past March, when LSY merged with the Islamic Muthanna Group and launched a significant offensive against the FSA, with the objective of capturing Daraa Governorate. Since then, the two factions have been trading blows, which has led to hundreds of casualties on both sides.

Currently, the FSA is still attempting to retake Ayn Dhakar and Sahem al-Golan dam. A few checkpoints have been captured but the two main objectives remain in the hands of LSY fighters. It is presumed that fighting will continue over the next few days.


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