Government forces begin heavy strikes on Aleppo

Early this morning, Syrian warplanes began conducting airstrikes within Aleppo city, targeting both rebel and Kurdish controlled areas. There is currently no casualty count within Shiekh Meqsoud, but in other parts of the city 6 civilians have been killed so far with countless other casualties.

These strikes upon Shiekh Meqsoud, a small Kurdish neighborhood nestled between unfriendly rebel forces and previously neutral government forces, come just days after intense fighting between Kurdish and government fighting in Hasakah province that left 31 regime NDF soldiers dead. While the SAA and YPG worked to make a ceasefire, the bombing of Shiekh Meqsoud in Aleppo could be a warning from the SAA.

This is not the first time the SAA has attacked the Kurdish pocket in Aleppo. The last attacks were two months ago when regime helicopters dropped bombs that killed four and injured nine.

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