Foreign Escalations Around Syria

Syrian Arab Republic (February 11, 2018) – With the dawn of the Turkish backed rebel incursion into the Kurdish-held Afrin region and the escalating tensions between the two proxy powers Russia and the USA, the Syrian Civil War may be taking a new turn.

On Saturday, the Syrian Air Defenses (S-200) detected and engaged a custom Israeli F-16I which was attacking Syrian military points in and around Damascus Province. The engagement consisted of at least one S-200 surface-to-air-missiles, where one struck the Israeli warplane. The warplane took a critical hit and forced the two pilots to eject. Israel later retaliated with a general attack against the Syrian Arab Army and Iranian targets in Damascus, but failed to achieve notable gains.

One of the missiles launched against the plane, crashed in Hasbaya, south Lebanon (Photo: EPA)

Iran denied having any influence or responsibility in downing of the Israeli F-16I, stating but adding that the ‘Era of hit and run is over’ with regards to the hundreds of Israeli strikes in Syria over the past 7 years. IRGC Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hossein Salami, also added that Iran poses a threat to all US airbases in the region as well as the state of Israel. It is unclear whether Russia gave the green light for the Syrian Air Defense to fire on Israel, as Russia has acted as a non-aggressor in its time in Syria.

Approximate course of action of the Israeli F-15 downed by the SAA S-200 Air Defense System

On the same day, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces engaged with the Turkish backed-rebels and downed one helicopter, according to both the Turkish Prime Minister Benaki Yildrim and SDF spokesperson Mustafa Bali.

The T129 ATAK attack helicopter used in the operation which was downed

The attack helicopter T129 ATAK was downed and crashed in the Turkish province of Hatay. The two Turkish soldiers on-board were reportedly also killed in action. The Operation Olive Branch started by the rebels has proven to be devastating for both sides in the conflict.

A few days earlier, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies participated in clashes against the SDF across the Euphrates River. According to coalition sources, a Syrian Government projectile landed approximately 400-500 meters away from the nearest US Army Personnel. This prompted the US military to, with F-22 stealth jets, F-15 fighters, and MQ-9 drones, counterattack against the troops, resulting in the death of at least 100 soldiers fighting on behalf of the government.

One thing is clear: The battle-scene of Syria is shifting to direct proxy involvement and casualties.




  1. Alan Harvey says

    “… This prompted the US military to…. I believe it was an armed assault with mechanized forces that “prompted the military to…” But the point is good. One wonders if this is the post-Daesh posturing, or a deal by Turkey to delay the elimination of the Caliphate by Caliph Erdogan.

  2. TF green says

    If ANY IRGC or Turk fighter bombers and/or Russ MiGs f–king drop ordinance or do damage, and hell, I mean by even CRASHING BY ACCIDENT, in innocent (non-combatant areas in Lebanon or Israel etc) than we should do what I have always said. Help throw another overthrow “coup party” for good ol’ Erdogan’s maniacal and genocidal Kurd-killing ass, and see how HE likes one big nice US “whoops! accidental [email protected]” of artillery or MLRS rocket batteries’ HE rocket rounds in HIS palace’s yard. …And yet the U.S CIA “created ISIS” right, Erdogan? And all his agreeing OBVIOUSLY intellectual giants around the world who believe the same crap and watch Al Jazeera, considering its news pure gospel just like evangelical crazy right-wingers watch FOX News as actual “unbias” truth. I mean, don’t those people know the Agency has ENOUGH headaches we deal with on this freakin’ planet? I don’t have to be some guy in the CIA to know this (I’m a nobody) yet I know enough to know their “black” budgets don’t allow for SAD Ground Branch covert ops to create MORE jihadists ANYWHERE, especially in Syria….regardless if Assad used chem weapons or not and it was just a false flag like everyone says…..which AT LEAST is a conspiracy/rumor I can get behind a hell of a lot more than stupid “US intel created ISIS to kill other arabs” (who are usually OUR ALLIES….like the ONLY allies we even have if we’re so imperialistic and oil hungry like people claim lmao) . Sh-t is know just ridiculously, downright hilariously funny how people still use internet news because they THINK it can’t be fakes just as easily as the ones on TV in Arab authoritarian nations LOL

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