Who will win in Afrin? – Opinion Poll [2018]

Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.


  1. Maku says

    Syrian Democratic Forces

    1. Turkogluturk says

      In your dream maybe. lol.

      1. haman galos says

        Truthan can not win.

        1. Turkogluturk says

          Kurdish Kuffar, We have won with Allahs help and we will win against the kuffar. Next station is manbij biiznillah.

          1. American says


            Are you in the region?

          2. Monsieur says

            Say hello to France first

          3. Azeri says

            France haha. France xD. they will just surrender. haha

  2. negatev says

    syrian democratic forces

  3. Besheer mustafa says

    SDF Will win cause god is with us
    The whole world knows that turkey uses ISIS soldiers to attack us
    When turkey be close to afrin the the world will move to stop them

    1. Markus Korpela says

      Besheer Mustafa.
      Out of curiosity, I was wondering what convinces you that God is with the SDF? Is it since the SDF fights for a more noble cause OR in a more noble way? Is it since the other sides are morally tarnished (f.ex. the Leadership of ISIS, al-nusra and SAA have committed genocidal atrocities etc.) Was there possibly divine revelation?

      I would love to here your response. I’m quite interested. 🙂

      1. Zenkor says

        Mr Markus,

        SDF is just a tool which can be hired by any government. Therefore, tools cannot win anything. In his saying, the god he is talking about actually USA. Kurds are just puppet they have already lost in my opinion. US government is not that stupid to back them for good. So the question is not “who will win Afrin.” It’s when US will call upon an agreement with Turkey.

        1. Dmitriom says

          Yeah to be honest ive got a running bet with some of my platoon members on where we will get send first, Syria or North Korea. haha

  4. aso says

    YPG &YPJ win this war because turkey is terrorist and support the terrorists groups like al- qa ada and isis and Muslim turkaman group that they are terrorist. kurds groups like YPG AND YPJ are people and they support people

    1. Kia says


    2. reasonable says

      Hahaha, thanks for that comment I needed to lough . A kurdish female friend told me that the French people love kurdish people! But she can’t see the reason for it. The reason of course is like all the other imperialist countries the same. Make them fight eachother, support and use terrorist change the name like freedom fighter. What is happening now I see it as a trap that working wonderfully.

    3. reasonable says

      A kurdish female friend told me that Franca love kurdish people! But I knew she has no idea why? France like all the other imperialist countries want all ethnic and religious groups fight eachother and create great economic crisis. What I see now is not different than the others. Let them kill eachother. Let them go down as deep as possible. Money can buy terrorist. More gun means more killing. Trap is working wonderfully.
      The pain truth is now, no easily return from this trap. The trust and opportunities has gone. But the time always ease the old wounds depending on the wisdom of the leaders.

    4. mahir says

      All people know that YPG &YPJ&PKK is toy of US government and they are terrorists. Terrorists cant win any war without supporting so YPG &YPJ&PKK lose this war and civils can live without terrorists pressure.

  5. Stephen says

    Damn Faschist Erdogan !

  6. saywan says


  7. Osman Ekrem Joğurt says

    If Er-dog-an bombs the shit out of Afrin like Al-Bab i think the Kurdi biji boys will contact SAA to stop the war. Sultan Er-dog-an could take Afrin in 2 min. but it’s better to send the dogs (el qaide) than your people right? The Kurdi biji boys have no chance because they’re in a pocket now and no supplies comming from their masters Amrika.

    Sultan Er-dog-an makes war with Tsar Put in ass… i don’t think so. So 2 choices: no friends but mountains/osman hilafet inçinde suriye

    1. mahir says

      turkish soldiers just killed terrorists and you know this very well. you are just doing perception operation in this website but this wont change war result.

  8. Ali says

    The Godfather of international terrorism (ISIS), Erdogan would be defeated in Efrin !

  9. diyako anty turk says

    kurd and YPG will win in Afrin.

  10. کیا says

    همیشه مظلوم رو سفید همین این دنیا هم پیش خدا این کوردها مظلومند دنبال فقط ازادی تو زمینی های خود هستند اردوغان هیتلرانشالاه خدا رسواش کنهبا حمله به این منطقه چهره خدا را به دنیا نشان داد مگر هرکی زورش زیاد باید هرغلطی بکنه کوردها هم انساند وحق زندگی کردن دارند

  11. jimi says

    Democratic (ypg)will win 💪✌KURD💪

    Turkey&Erdoğan &turkish army 💩 💩 =terrorist =isis 👎💩💩

    1. Turgut says

      In your wet dreams only.

      1. mahir says

        it cant happen in his dream too becasue he really know that YPG almost lose this war. they just threatining civil peoples in afrin for becoming their shield now

  12. Arad says

    Sure YPG win in Afrin war. Because they assist so hard. TFSA fight just for earn Turkish dollar and this two have basic differet…..

  13. Omid says

    به نظر بنده شروانان سوریه دموکراتیک که خداوند پشت وپناهشان باشد و لعنت خدا براردوغان وهم پیمانانش

  14. MS says

    رررییییدم تو قبر آتا ترک کوس کش به خاطر مکتبی که یکی
    مثل اردوغان بچه کش رو تربیت کرده است اساس ترکیه برپایه ترور ووحشت و چپاول و صادراتی فیلمهای که از پورن صدبرابر بدتر هستند

  15. MS says

    رررییییدم تو قبر آتا ترک کوس کش به خاطر مکتبی که یکی
    مثل اردوغان بچه کش رو تربیت کرده است اساس ترکیه برپایه ترور ووحشت و چپاول و صادراتی فیلمهای که از پورن صدبرابر بدتر هستند….

  16. هێمن ئاریانفەر says

    Yep Ypj
    Syrian democratic forces

  17. هێمن ئاریانفەر says

    Ypg sorry 🤗😀😆😗😙😚☺️

  18. Caleb says

    I picked partly under Turkish control. I can’t see the SDF/YPG being totally vanquished, the area is too good for guerrilla warfare and the YPG is too good *at* it. But if the Turkish army is devoted enough there’s no question they could simply overpower the defenses. So, I predict that Turkey and friends will come to generally dominate Afrin, but then get stuck fighting a fierce insurgency.

  19. 300kurds says

    Ypg is stronger than racist turkey that chichen thieves never can win any war they both are honorless gangs..

    1. Dogan says

      Then why YPG asked for help from Syrian government? Lol

  20. Sardar says


  21. گریلا says

    بژی پ ک ک
    بژی ی پ گ
    خدا لگل مظلوم و الانیش کورد مظلومه
    دی بینوه به اذنی خدا
    آتا تورکه کثیفانه ده توپینین
    زنده باد مقاومت عصر

  22. روژهلات سردشت says

    Dirty Ataturk
    Turkey is nothing
    We have kalashnikov but we fight with faith in god
    Escape the turks
    ha ha ha

    1. Falcone says

      We aren’t fight with faith? Idiot it doesn’t change anything. You American dogs will die soon.

  23. Mahmud says

    Syrian Democratic forces ✌❤
    Turkish terorist👎

  24. PKK says

    Kurdistan wins

  25. Kourd says

    Down with erdogan and who support its forces, but GOD will help YPG and win the war without help of any body

  26. محمد says

    به امید پیروزی کردها عزیز مرگ بر اردوغان

  27. mohsen says

    بە هیوای سەرکەوتن لە داهاتویەکی نزیک بژی کورد شەرمەزاری بۆ ئەردۆغان

  28. Ahmet Hassan says

    It is a kidding pool . Turkish Armed Forces is the second biggest army on NATO with 800.000 soldier , 350 general , 30000 office , 220000 sergeant , 1600 tanks , 300 f16 and 50 piece of war ship. If Turkish goverment does not fear to kill civilians at Afrin believe me any life thing can not survive at that land. Allah is with us. All markist terorists will see POWER of CRECENT.

    1. * says

      US lost in Vietnam, while being world’s leading military power. So beware of being a loud-mouth…

      1. FSA says

        The USA didnt have the real support of the people. Turkey has the most support of the Syria people and it is the Syrians who will command in Afrin not the YPG who is looking for division of Syria.

        1. APO says

          fuck u fascist Turks

    2. apo says

      we win . you see it. the kurdish fighter knocked turkish rachist . turkish army is on the wrong way. they killed civilian people, cheild , elder. they want destroy kurdish hope, but we broken your leg and feet. if this is islam, down to it, go to trash. down with dirty faschisty turk. we are winer. you see. all of your army, tanks, generals, sergent can not defeat and break us. be sure. only wooden leader more and more go to hell.

      1. Usa says

        Yes you win, let’s see what will be happen on Menbij

  29. Zukov says

    Where is option for creation of federation in Syria? Talks are ongoing….

  30. Alan Harvey says

    It is not so much the SDF will win as Turkey and Erdogan will lose. The FSA want to fight Assad, so Turkey is left with its ally Daesh to do the dirty work. This will open the world’s eyes to Erdogan’s partnership with Daesh. Combine this with the daily pictures of bombed children and Tappip’s continuous threats, political repression, jailing of journalists and just innocent people, and there is no room for an extended campaign. But there will be an extended campaign. The Turkish economy is on the ropes, corruption is ever more clear, and the army is weakened by the various purges. Once the tide turns against the invasion politically, he has no room to hide.

    1. Usa says

      Yes, Turkey lost if you really believed that things. Trust me you don’t know nothing about the region and demographics.

  31. Heinz Guderian says

    All it would take for the Kurds to kick the crap out of Turkey are a bunch of US supplied TOW and Stingers. Turkish army is a paper tiger. They have been stuck in the mountains and mud for almost a month now. Have they ever heard of blitzkrieg? Their generals should be fired since they have no idea how to employ armor.

    1. Sam says

      Have you ever check casualties of the German army? If not why the heck you are talking about a subject you don’t know. If you did why the hell oppose this right now here are you moron or something? Get your shit together

      1. Curtis D says

        Sam: Blitzkrieg took out all of France in 5 weeks in 1940. I shouldn’t explain the mistakes the Turk generals are making, I want the Kurds to win. Its quite elementary and simple. Concerning the casualties of the German army, most of that was after blitzkrieg was no longer possible for them due to being on the defensive.

    2. Dmitriom says

      Dude blitzkrieg style warfare only works with extensive planning with proper terrain. Desert Storm is a good example.

    3. Usa says

      Stucked in the mountains, am i reading right? Comparing a nato army with some guys backed by usa is meaningless.

  32. Türk ırkı says

    Türk ordusu girdiği yerde ezici gücüyle ezer geçer. Zafer ulu Türk ordusunundur. Tanrı Türkü kourusun. Türk ırkı sağ olsun. kürtler hangi devletin içinde oldularsa hep ihannet ettiler. bugün abd emperyalistlerine güveniyorlar ama Türkiyenin gücü karşısında adb kürtleri satacak. kürtler etek giyip kaçmaya bile fırsat bulamayacak. Sıkı durun geliyoruz !

    1. antonio says

      mother fucker son of the bitch turk, extreme nationalist, warmonger stupid race , only azerbaidjan likes your murder country no any other country likes you, let me write ,,during 900 years you killed,, forced to reconversion ,,,taken up jizya tax from christians ,,and commited every sort of crimes, over minorities during ottoman empire and tou keep continueing same actions,,,, you killed armenians during first world war then you deny liars bitches, greec people who lived for centuries on their own land and in constantinople left out your criminal country, everybody regonize istanbul polgrom 1955 and never apoligized victims mostly greek and armenians, ,,, any country in the world says kurds as milices or guerilla or fighter or army but you consider them as terrorists, ,,,, stop

      1. asdsa says

        If Ottomans was want to make Turkish everywhere you would speak Turkish now. So there is no any holocaust from Ottomans/Turkey.And if everyone has to come back where they come from, greeks mustn’t stay in Anatolia or todays greece.

  33. Sam says

    Strongly advice you to watch Untold History of the United States [2012] Oliver Stone, Showtime. And check who sided with the USA! As I see here only Kurdish Terrorist group supporter and don’t think their English level would be enough to understand. You may find some Turkish subtitle for sure. And never ever forget that You can kill a Turkish but you can not beat us!

  34. Curtis D says

    Oliver Stone is an idiot. Sam, that was just a movie/Hollywood…not real. Did you see what we did against 500 Russians in a couple of hours this past weekend? That is real. The US is a hyper-power, and the adults are back in charge…not the beta-male Obama. If Turkey values its membership in NATO, and the many millions we pay for bases there, and the lives of its soldiers, it would be well advised to stand down. The end result for Turkey could be losing its Kurdish areas to a new and free Kurdistan.

    1. Alim Aliev says

      If Oliver Stone is an idiot, you are an imbecile and liar.
      P. S. Tell us again there were 500 (or 5000) fake-Russians.

  35. Jeff says


  36. HEWAL78 says

    YPG & YPJ will win.
    Biji Kurd û Kurdistan ✌

    1. Hakan says

      Biji my azz.

  37. Namo says


  38. antonio says

    turk, extreme nationalist, warmonger stupid race , only azerbaidjan likes your murder country no any other country likes you, let me write ,,during 900 years you killed,, forced to reconversion ,,,taken up jizya tax from christians ,,and commited every sort of crimes, over minorities during ottoman empire and tou keep continueing same actions,,,, you killed armenians during first world war then you deny , greec people who lived for centuries on their own land ANATOLIA and in constantinople had left out your criminal country, many countries know about istanbul pogrom in 1955 and never apologized victims who mostly greek and armenians, ,,, stop saying lies the real terrorist and backer is turkey

  39. İlker says

    there is no way to compare Turkish Armed Forces and a terrorist organisation. No matter there are terrain, mount,desert or marsh. YPG is a global terrorist organisation that bombed civilians. Now USA needs him and ignore their savagery. Regardless Turkish Armed Forces always cut off them on ground. At last they will escape with their skirts from mounts for bomb civilians, as in the past.

  40. İlker says

    there is no way to compare Turkish Armed Forces and a terrorist organisation. No matter there are terrain, mount,desert or marsh. YPG is a global terrorist organisation that bombed civilians. Now USA needs him and ignore their savagery. Regardless Turkish Armed Forces always cut off them on ground. At last they will escape with their skirts from mounts for bomb civilians, as in the past.

    1. antonio says

      as a spanish man anti fascist , turkey s erdogan has one goal, enlarge territories even attack greece, to recreate ottoman empire, the only country called kurdish ypg militants as terrorists is turkey ; all countries worldwide except azerbaijan call them as fighters or milices or militants, to you stupid turk , every person who is opposed to you , your far nationalist ideology is considered a terrorist,;; you ve killed hundreads of civilans in cizre last year, your own citizens, to you , turks never kills, but others are murderers terrorists or traitors, fuckyou

  41. Killer YPG says

    I am very sorry for the Kurds who support YPG / PKK :((( They have all responsibility of the death people from each side for ages. Turkish, Kurdish, Arab and all civilians… I believe that God will punish them in this world or in other world. We won at the past and we establish Turkey together with Kurds, Arabs and Turks and we will win this war again. Turkish Armed Forces will win this war. Do not mix the Kurds who loves their country (TURKEY) which established by their ancestors. YPG / PKK fans… You betray your country, you betray your brothers, you betray your ancestors, you betray your children and your future, actually you betray yourself…. YPG / PKK killed hundred thousands of innocent people… They killed babies in the past. When you look at the dictionary you will see ‘terrorist’ word meaning if you kill a baby or innocent people. YPG / PKK is a terrorist organization!! Do not lie yourself and to the people that you are gerilla, freedom warriors.. bla bla bla… O kadar ölen insanın vebalini ne yapacaksınız çok merak ediyorum. Bir dönüp kendinize sorun ya. Ben ne yapıyorum diye. Ulen diğer ülkelerde adamın dili, dini, ırkı, ten rengi, örf adeti bile farklı ama adamlar vatan bilincini yerleştirmişler halklarına. Bizdeki duruma bak, yazık!!!

  42. علی says

    برنده هرکی باشه ترک های منافق نیستند
    ترک ها اصلا هدف استراتژیک ندارن برای همین همیشه تصمیمات لحظه ای می گیرن و موضعشون هرگز معلوم نیست. خردوغان (کره) مزد نوکریش رو از دول غربی می گیره خاک تو سر مردمی که به این احمق رای دادن.
    نه ارمنستان نه عراق نه سوریه نه قبرس و نه یونان و بلغارستان و حتی ایران دل خوشی از منافق ندارن عثمانی هایی که کل ممالک اسلامی رو با زور گرفته بودن و دو دستی تقدیم استکبار کردن

  43. Zaki says

    Turkey will win. YPG are cowards that they ask help from Syrian government, they run away when Turks are coming. Turks are beating kurds for tens of years with thousands of YPG/PKK casualties. Efrin became a YPG graveyard already.

    1. Sakir says

      Zaki Zaki Zaki, it is easy to say cowards. Why don’t you go fight just with guns and some rocket launchers to a country that uses Jets, Tanks and Helicopters. As far as i can guess you are a guy that is pro Turkish. It is very funny to see how Turkish people or people who support Turkey can get very happy by taking out people who don’t even have an own country, government and army (a real army). It reminds me of an other country, hmmmm,, oh yeah i remember Israel. Turkey is no different then Israel. The TV channels of Turkey talk everyday about Afrin like if they are protecting the Prophet in Afrin. And they sketch the YPG forces like a group that has been come together to take out Turkey and every Turkish people. So funny to see how many hate there is for the Kurds. And it is more funny to see that some Turkish people still say: ‘Yeah real kuridish people like Turkey. Kurdish people who like Turkey are our brothers.’ But where our these brothers when a Kurdish Brother needs help???? Where are the Turks then?? Is it forbidden by any fking rule to support your own People? You are only OK if you support Turkey, otherwise terrorist? Lets say they hate YPG because they have some connnections with PKK. But what about KRG (North-Iraq)? Why not support your ‘Kurdish Brothers’ with their independence? No because Turkey hates Kurds so much. Every country involved in Syria has an agenda for their own economic profit. The only profit i can see for Turkey is killing kurds and forbidding them to get an own country. A real brother country would always help. I think Turkey and Kurdistan would be the most bad-ass combination neighbours you could find anywhere. But no. Kill Kurds because… euhmm… They Are TERRORIST – BECAUSE THEY WANT THE LAND BACK OF THEIR ANCESTORS. Stupid Imported mongols.

  44. Zaki says

    Kurds are not brothers of Turks, and cannot be. Dont blame Turkey, it was kurds who got allied with USA in Gulf War and 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq. Kurds cooperated with american invaders against Iraqi people-their brothers. What happened after Gulf War ended? USA left the region and Saddam gassed kurds. What will happen when Syrian War is over? USA will leave and Turks will kill kurds again. This is what happens when you betray your neighbours. Kurds had to cooperate with Iraq against invaders. Being a traitor would bring no good to any kurdish in the region. WHO supports kurdish independence? ONLY israel and usa. Why kurds are disliked in middle east? Because they cooperate with invasion enemies such as USA. Do not expect help from Turks or any neighbor as long as you serve american and israeli interests.

    There will never be a independent kurdish country in middle east. Erdogan stated and vowed not to allow it many time. Kurds need to get civilized and sto honor killings instead, they have never improved themselves in thousands of years.

  45. World says

    Of course, Turkey will take it. The question is: Is Turkey ready to give so much blood? Cause now Pro-Assad forces are fighting Turkish army and Assad’s army is entering Afrin.
    I think that Turkey will bite both YPG and Pro-Assad & Assad Forces.

    Here we will see: Is Turkey ready to give so much blood for Syria? I think it is.

    1. anty ragab pasha says

      the case is not asad army . p y d is victor and winner this war. nation and people are with p y d . zambi are friend of turkey and every one knows them. RAJAB TAEB PASHA go turrkey to hell with wrong works and dessision. relation with america and almania and france are clear exampels that rajab pasha is on wrong way.pity for turkish people because they are share in killing cheldren.

    2. Dmitriom says

      No the real question is how Turkey will face the consequences of its actions from the US and Russia, Two countries who have been fighting proxy wars against each other for sixty years. The adults dont like children screwing with their things.

  46. Yılmaz says

    Çoğu kişi hayal görmüş,ben gürcüyüm aslen İstanbul doğumluyum.Atalarım Osmanlı için savaşmış şehit oldu ve bununla gurur duyuyorum,dünyanın en büyük ülkeleri arasında olan Türkiye istese dümdüz eder ama Ypg/Pkk korkak gibi sivil kıyafet giyiyor Cumhurbaşkanımız emir verse sivil terörist ayırmadan öldürebilir.Bizim gibi milliyetçi zihin geçse oralar dümdüz olur dua edin ki başta değiliz

  47. A US Marine LCpl. says

    I hope that Turkey realises that they are overstepping their bounds and are threatening the interests of the US and its allies. Military aid to the SAA is limited but we fully support the SDF/YPG. Some of my fellow marines have even been deployed Syria to help against ISIS. Turkey is a NATO memeber and should consult the US before engaging an ally publicly. They better hope they never fire on US troops because we will bring retribution to them along with full cooperation with Russia to de-escalate the conflict between the SDF and Turkey for the sake of peace in Syria.

    1. IYIprospect says

      Are you guys really this brainwashed? You are freeing DAESH captives to fight against the Turks and clean their records. That’s not even the main thing. You come flying thousands of miles and destroy entire nations and you still talk about your interests? Man, Trump really reflects the majority of his population. Your army is a joke. Fighting for years know and you achieved nothing. Turks are there for a year now and we are dominating. What is US going to do? Erdogan openly said if necessary we will bury the Americans next to those filthy YPG terrorists. So, come on. We are literally threatening you, not your interests. Come fight us, pussies. You lost everywhere. Every time your pathetic army was losing you just bomb the entire country to shit and leave. You never win a war, you are pussies. The whole world will see you like one. Always.

  48. Devrim says

    “Turkey is threathening the interests of U.S and it’s allies”? You’ve got to be kidding. Did U.S ask about the interest of Turkey when they heavily supplied weapons to YPG which Turkey has been fighting against for decades? By the way which U.S interests are you talking about? Americans from the other side of the atlantic ocean should have zero interests in Syria and any other country in ME. Turkey has a 822 long border with Syria, inhabits 3 million Syrian refugees, and has in decades fighted against the YPG/PKK terrorist which Americans armours heavily nowadays . Turks will not allow such a PYD puppet state next to it’s borders, even if it may result in an explicit confrontation with U.S soldiers.

  49. Killer YPG says

    US Marine do not worry. You are an ally and Turkey will never fire on US troops or any other ally country. Word is word. If we say and agreed to be ally, we will keep our words. But we are fighting with SDF/YPG/PKK & ISIS, when we fire on these terrorists please do not put your body on front of them. This advise is for your safety. If you put your body on front of these terrorist and then if you wound or die, it will not be Turkey’s fault. At that time you should ask yourself why you put yourself on front of them ? ?

  50. Turkish Soldier says


    1. Fighters says

      You shut up, we saw the Turkish army, you are telling us to see how week is the Turkish army!? That they couldn’t control a small country in Syria for a month and half, YPG/YPJ are strong enough to win over turkey and keep their country. What did the kurds in Afrin do, why should they get killed when they are in their own country, but get attacked by strangers (Turkey)

      1. Unbiased says

        Lets be honest here. YPG isnt close to strong enough to even oppose the Turks. That said, although Turkey will slaughter the SDF in the afrin area, civilians recuriuted into fighting for thier race may cause problems

  51. KingKurd says

    syrian democratic forces

  52. hassan says

    i beleave the free syrian army and turkey will win effrin , and will go to menbej منبج
    very soon

  53. Osman says

    Every pro-Erdoğan (pro war equals pro Erdoğan since he is the biggest winner of this war for now) person just speaks the same as on television (every channel since it all belongs to Erdoğan (directly or indirectly) in Turkey). Arguments are same word for word. They are probably paid internet trolls of AKP (Erdoğan). They get missives for what to write on internet daily. You need not argue with them they are personnel paid to glorify Erdoğan and his interests. Lots of people in Turkey doesn’t support this war and knows a country can’t be defended by waging war outside its borders thats Hitler’s “logic”. Even leaving hundreds of lives being lost aside (according to Turkey more than 3000, according to reliable sources 1500 or so) we know every F16 costs 25m$ to operate only once, while people burn themselves out of debt. We know how Erdoğan is using this war to further his own agenda, attack opposition as he does now (Even doctors’ and lawyers’ associations are under government attack now, police are attacking womens’ day parades with brutal force ‘because we are in war’)

    Imperialist wet dreams of AKP is only one part if the equation. Reality is strengthening political power inside and subjugating all kinds of opposition.

    Who wins or who loses we cannot make any scientific claim to this. World history is full of weak beating strong or strong being defeated by an even stronger force. But one thing is certain, if these conditions aren’t changed by populace, Erdoğan will win and Turkish, Kurdish and all people of different ethnicities which live in Turkey will lose.

  54. sina says

    YPG ,YPJ & SDF

  55. Tigerleap says

    It’s pretty obvious that Turkey is going to win the battle of Afrin. Turkey is a developed country with a powerful military, a booming economy, and superior technology. On the other hand, the YPG is a small militia that relies on foreign powers for equipment. Now that Russia has turned its back on the YPG and the US is trying to rebuild ties with Turkey, nobody will save the YPG from Turkey’s wrath.

    Ideally, the YPG would’ve handed over Afrin to the Syrian government, but that didn’t happen, and it’s only a matter of time until Afrin falls. I believe that both sides-both Turkey and the YPG-are in the wrong here. Whether Syrian Kurds are terrorists or not is debatable, but they certainly have many similarities to terrorist groups. The YPG serves as a tool for foreign powers, like the US, to gain influence in the Middle East. They also support and maintain political ties with the PKK, an organization that both the US and Turkey classify as a terrorist group. Recently, we saw how desperate the YPG/SDF is to protect Afrin. They went as far as putting the entire ISIS operation on hold. Things like these show you that freedom and counter-terrorism aren’t the priorities of the SDF.

    The Turkish government, meanwhile, has become more bitter and more oppressive than ever. They have arrested peaceful protesters to “maintain national unity” in Turkey. This is a clear violation of democracy, and shows that Erdogan will arrest anyone who disagrees with Operation Olive Branch.

    At this point, I just want the operation to end as quickly as possible; I don’t want it to drag on. Afrin will fall, no matter how hard its defenders try, so it might as well fall now. The longer the conflict lasts, the more casualties there will be. Overall, I oppose the move by Turkey to launch the Olive Branch operation, but I understand that the attack was provoked by the SDF. In this conflict, there are no “good guys.”

    1. Lesage says

      How did SDF provoke the attack? There isn’t any attacks on Turkey from SDF before Turkish invasion started. On the contrrary Turkey attacked Afrin Canton many times even before the invasion. Also Turkey supported every kind of jihadist movement against SDF for many years now. Both in secrecy (these are revealed by a journalist whom was arrested and later survived an assasination attempt while being brought to trial in police custody, Can Dündar) and openly. Also if you look at the map, remaining jihadist has 3 forces behind their domain. In south they rest their back against Israel, regional partner of USA. In east their back leans on Iraq, which is governed by a puppet regime put in place by USA. And lastly in west their back leans on Turkey, member of NATO and strategic partner of USA in this region.

      Erdoğan’s words against USA are just for show. He has the full support of USA in this affair. USA doesn’t care if jihadists are defeated or not as long as they can reach their own goals, which is having a say in the region wheter by using Turkey, Israel, Jihadists or SDF doesnt matter to USA.

  56. Turan Kızıl Elma says

    The idiots here supporting terrorist kurds will dissappoint so soon. Do you really think that you can defeat holly Turkish army?? LOL hahahahah

  57. Randompoe says

    I think that Turkey will win but will be cautious in the area so as not to kill too many government soldiers. They are at a trunign point in their relationship with Russia, and so long as the Kurds do not have contorl of Afrin, and the government doesnt take it(whihc would undermine Turkey’s warlong efforts) they will be satusfied

  58. The Professor says

    Turkey won.

  59. Usa says

    Deep silence :))

  60. Paki says

    Turkey won. Thats great!

  61. Samil says

    PKK stop lying about the truth and stop crying & squealing. Turkey has not brought this trouble into its borders. Terrorism was set by the West & well nourished for over 50 years in the name of Kurdish communist nationalism PKK. This is yet another policy of the Muslim land to divide & rule since OTTOMANS the World’s only real superpower for ever. Once you have decided to fight to Turks & took arms & carried out terrorist activities for years, you must face the consequences. Turkish army is in the top 5 armies of the World so you got what you bargained for.

  62. Turkish Hammer says

    Cry A Lot pelease 😀 😀 😀 it is just a beginning!!!

    1. Turkish Hammer says

      please* (Correction…)

  63. Murad Yadigar says

    Of course,certainly, great Turkish army.

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