How will Israel change the situation in Syria? – Opinion Poll [2018]

Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.

  1. Mary says

    Israel should think about herself rather than stucking nose in Syria. This proxy war is imposed by Israel and US over Syria. Syria has ability to rise again..

  2. Skylar says

    I think it would not be impossible that they would back up the SDF to take over the area’s as they have attacked bases past the Turkish rebels. They could possibly make a joint pact to take out the militia in that area, likely being territory for the SDF or for it to be a shared territory between the two factions similar to the SDF and NDF territory in Afrin.

  3. 李世承 says



  4. Militant2002 says

    This is a proxy war imposed by Turkey America and Saudi Arabia, All the wars in the middle east are proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Iran and Syria keep shooting missiles into Israel and also send drones into our airspace.

  5. adolf eichmann jr says

    what is this israel people talk about?………do you mean palestine occupied by jews the major cause of trouble in that region…..the jew is the nazi today with palestinians in ghettos instead of them…

  6. Paul says

    Israel is a temporary regime, it will be disappeared from world map in near future. This will obviously happen and usa will go to be weak day by day until the end of cruelty in the world.

  7. yusuf ayık says

    PKK terör örgütünün kurucusu abdullah öcalan’ın posterleri binaya çizilen resimleri gibi birlikteliği olduğu YPG/YENİ ADI İLE SDF bağlantısını doğrultuyor asla pkk/sdf ye bırakılmamalı sonuna kadar savaşıp suriyeden temizlenmeli

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