How will these two developments affect the geopolitical situation in Syria? – Opinion Poll [2018]

Please feel free to comment the reason for your decision.

  1. Ali says

    Only This is a game. Trump and us will stay in syria.sure there is a new plan for Syria

  2. Muhammed Yassine says

    That would lead to more lands in N,NE Syria to be occupied by Turkey as SAA is busy in the West & South, that also means SDF Collapses before Turkish army NOTE Pres.Assad said SDF are Traitors.
    1-France promises came after visit of Kurdish personnels to Paris thus if those promises came true, the power balance will not change ESPECIALLY that the promise was accompanied with Macron’s offer of mediation between Ankara and YPG/SDF.
    2-USA move is to avoid more tension with its ally Turkey & to put full responsibility on Russia in any Turkish annexation of Syrian lands that’s making Russia the worst ally of Syrian nation in the post war phase.

  3. Samuel Soro says

    Of course, Truno will not let the US army leave syria, beacuse the Daesh is still controlling some part of the dessert in Syria.

    1. Babylon says

      isis is finished, there is nothing of it left

  4. T. says

    The French are a better ally for the Kurds to have, as they’re more likely to actually fight back if the Turks attack them.
    The US is looking to swap with France for exactly this reason.

  5. SyrianRevolution says

    Nope. US won’t leave. It’s a pipedream that US will leave Syria. Not even US ally (Turkey, UK, France) can tell US to gtfo, as long as either neocons or liberal hawks are in power
    US will stay because either oil or Iran.

  6. Alper Han says

    Just because the US didn’t like to look like Turkey’s enemy anymore, they put their stepson (france) on the pitch. However all the plan will go on in the same direction. Anyway dreamers of kordestan have to get disappointed as long as Turk resists! You West! You kurds! You armenians! You Poor babies! Just be ready for your losses!

  7. ktoto says

    Remember?? Gadafi was a friend of France. What happened to him?? I ll tell you France Bombed him.
    The best way out for Kurds is accepting Assad and get an autonomous syrian Region.
    Remember Kurds have had referendum in Irak, what happened? USA took a shit of it. They let Irak, wich is controled by USA take the Kurds teretory.

    Never trust USA and NATO!

    1. Tyler Freeman says

      Never trust anyone. To define a group not to be trusted is arrogant and racist.

      1. Ktoto says

        Well if This is arrogant und racist what is USA then? Fascist! Killed millions of People since Second World war.

  8. Yılmaz says

    Sooner or later Turkey will defeat everyone feat.Russia maybe,syria

    1. Babylon says

      not going to happen, russia will crush turkey

  9. Tyler Freeman says

    Another option.
    The USA will slowly reduce its presence in the SDF controlled areas while maintaining arms shipments.
    France will fill the perceived void the USA left.
    Kurds will come to an arrangement with Assad forces and gain more rights within the political structure.
    Turkey will skirmish with the SDF but not risk engaging with French forces.
    Russia will assist Assad to the bitter end.
    NATO will change.

  10. Anonymous Debater says

    The hypothetical withdraw would allow the Russian Army to intervene with less resistance and only face France. This may in turn though drag in European Union members making the civil war influential to Europe as a Russian Victory would be another Morale booster of the Russian Army and the European Union would not tolerate this since the annexation of Crimea. Further intervention from superpowers can vary from that point…

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