ISIS leaves Dumayr area near Damascus

After clashes between the Syrian army, rebel forces and local ISIS offshoots (namely Liwaa Al-Sadeek, Liwa Khatab and Liwaa Rajal Al-Malahm) earlier this week, an agreement has been reached between the different factions. ISIS fighters will be able to take their family with them and be evacuated in busses under UN supervision to nearby ISIS controlled areas in Raqqa province.

The number agreed upon by the UN includes around 290 fighters and 150 of their family members. Syrian Arab Red Crescent busses picked them up yesterday afternoon and safely transported them away. This completely ends ISIS presence in the area as the rebels (namely Jaish al Islam and local FSA) take over most of their positions. It is unclear whether all of the 290 fighters boarded the busses, as 85 of them surrendered and defected to JaI. Clashes in the area have subsequently died down and as of now, exact areas of control of the SAA on one side and rebels on the other remains unclear.

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