Weaponry used by different Factions

Government Forces

The most advanced battle tank is the type T-72. In addition, the Syrian army has still the tanks of type T-55 and T-62 which are rather outdated.

The air defense force has the missiles SA-5 Gammon, SA-6 Gainful, SA-7 Grail, SA-15 Gauntlet and SA-8 Gecko which are partly stationed near Damascus and Aleppo.

There is a brigade that specially trained for coastal defense which possesses missiles named “FROG” and “Scud” and additionally has the surface-to-surface missile SS-21.

Among the war- ship fleet are frigates, missile attack craft, submarine chasers, mine warfare war- ships, gunboats, patrol craft, missile corvettes, landing craft and torpedo recovery vessel. Besides, there are anti-ship missiles as part of the coastal defence system. These missiles have a range of 300 kilometers.

T72 Tank Syria

ss21 scarab syria

Rebel Forces

Rebels are primarily armed with AK-47s, DShKs and RPG-7s.

Several soldiers also have M16s, AUGs, shotguns and PK machine guns. They have a handful heavy weapons captured from the Syrian government. For example, anti-aircraft missiles and tanks. Rebels lately begun manufacturing their own mortars and rockets.

In the year 2013 rebels received anti-tank missiles with a range of 4 kilometers and preciseness of 90%. In the same year rebels captured a government weapons depot and attached MILAN anti-tank missiles and BM-21 Grad rockets.

Besides, they are using BGM-71 Tows which are supplied by the USA.

bgm tow

ak47 syria


Conventional weapons:

ISIS mainly possesses captured weapons. Major sources are Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi inventory from 2003 – 2011 and weapons from government and opposition soldiers fighting in the Syrian Civil War.
The captured weapons include guns, armor, surface-to-air missiles and even some aircraft. They enabled rapid territorial increase.

Non-Conventional weapons:

ISIS is known for using truck and car bombs, suicide bombers and IEDs. ISIS militants also use chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

isis suicide bombers

ied isis


Armored vehicles

NameTypeAmount in AfrinAmount in East RojavaNotes
HumveeArmoured fighting vehicle0DozensCaptured from ISIS
T-55Main battle tank16Captured from ISIS and rebels
Custom variant of T-55Main battle tank01Local variant with twin 14.5MG
T-72Main battle tank20

Small arms

M4Assault rifle
M16Assault rifle
AK-47Assault rifle
Barrett M82Anti-material rifle
Dragunov sniper rifleSniper rifle
PK machine gunGeneral-purpose machine gun
DShKHeavy machine gun
KPV heavy machine gunHeavy machine gun

Anti-tank weaponry

RPG-7Rocket-propelled grenade
FGM-148 JavelinAnti-tank missile


VasilekMobile Mortar
M1938 mortarMortar