Weaponry used by different Factions

Government Forces

The most advanced battle tank is the type T-72. In addition, the Syrian army has still the tanks of type T-55 and T-62 which are rather outdated.

The air defense force has the missiles SA-5 Gammon, SA-6 Gainful, SA-7 Grail, SA-15 Gauntlet and SA-8 Gecko which are partly stationed near Damascus and Aleppo.

There is a brigade that specially trained for coastal defense which possesses missiles named “FROG” and “Scud” and additionally has the surface-to-surface missile SS-21.

Among the war- ship fleet are frigates, missile attack craft, submarine chasers, mine warfare war- ships, gunboats, patrol craft, missile corvettes, landing craft and torpedo recovery vessel. Besides, there are anti-ship missiles as part of the coastal defence system. These missiles have a range of 300 kilometers.

T72 Tank Syria

ss21 scarab syria

Rebel Forces

Rebels are primarily armed with AK-47s, DShKs and RPG-7s.

Several soldiers also have M16s, AUGs, shotguns and PK machine guns. They have a handful heavy weapons captured from the Syrian government. For example, anti-aircraft missiles and tanks. Rebels lately begun manufacturing their own mortars and rockets.

In the year 2013 rebels received anti-tank missiles with a range of 4 kilometers and preciseness of 90%. In the same year rebels captured a government weapons depot and attached MILAN anti-tank missiles and BM-21 Grad rockets.

Besides, they are using BGM-71 Tows which are supplied by the USA.

bgm tow

ak47 syria


Conventional weapons:

ISIS mainly possesses captured weapons. Major sources are Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi inventory from 2003 – 2011 and weapons from government and opposition soldiers fighting in the Syrian Civil War.
The captured weapons include guns, armor, surface-to-air missiles and even some aircraft. They enabled rapid territorial increase.

Non-Conventional weapons:

ISIS is known for using truck and car bombs, suicide bombers and IEDs. ISIS militants also use chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

isis suicide bombers

ied isis